Looking Back…2012

This is that time of the year where everyone(well I hope) thinks about the year that is ending and all the success and failure achieved.

This has been a wonderful year with all the ups and downs.

I am alive, happy and grateful to life!!!

I started my food blog journey and in this journey. I learned to cook with different ingredients, I shared recipes, my collegues and friends tasted patiently my experiments, I joined the daring kitchen family and met other bloggers.

I met new people and made new friends – Sussy, Flo, Jun, Stephanie, Miss D. and it goes on


I went on honeymoon – destination? The island of our dreams and our future AUSTRALIA 

I travelled to Venice for our 1st wedding anniversary

I grew another bit, I matured a little more

I was granted my working holiday visa for Australia

I learned new stuffs :photography, crochet, burraco card game, monopoly game.

I realized that making this planet a better place is also my responsibility, so I started to make my own cleaning products (vinegar and soap), homemade cosmetics and a lot more changes to be done yet

I read a lot of books and discovered new songs

I am finishing the year with an Ethiopian meal “Doro Wot” made at home and shared with my hubby.


Thank you all for reading this blog and preparing the recipes posted.

I wish you all a wonderful 2013 and may all your dreams and desires become reality!

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One comment

  1. How does it feel to be married to a wonderful woman who is outstanding under every aspect? Good, incredibly good.

    It’s like a gift you have made to yourself. And you receive it every day.

    I’m proud of being your hubby. It’s been a great year, but the best is yet to come.

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