Orange and Almond Cake with Orange Blossom Syrup


It has been a year and 2 months since my last post, and let me tell you, a lot of things have happened ever since.
On 26th of March 2013, I flew to Perth (Australia), my hubby came in November.
This was my first journey to the end of the world that I was making by myself.And I must say that everyone, especially a woman, should do once in their life. It is so empowering.

My first job in Australia was in Glen Helen Resort , which is located in the West MacDonnell Ranges (around 135Km from Alice Springs). I stayed just 17 days (less than what I expected to stay). I met beautiful people, the manager Colin and Shelagh, all the staff Karen and Chris, Inju, Mark (the Chef), Cal (heli pilot). I also met my first friends in Australia, Bex and Sam. They are such a positive couple, with a beautiful persona. I miss them so much. The nature around Glen Helen was amazing, I think the outback in Australia, is something spectacular, which I can’t compare to any of the places I have been till now.
The best way to observe this primitive landscape is by helicopter. So I had my first heli flight with Sam and Bex :) It is scary, but at the same time very very exciting. Unfortunately, I love the city and after two weeks I started not to enjoy it anymore and flew back to Perth.


Glen Helen Gorge

Ormiston Gorge with Bex

Caterpillar dream


Even if my first love is Melbourne, I am slowly starting to like Perth. It is a small city, very green thanks to the parks you find at every corner and on top of the city guards the botanical garden Kings Park. One of my favourite things in Perth is the river, in fact one of the things I used to do, is walk along the riverside and sit on the dock and watch the birds and the Southern part of the city. Northbridge and Subiaco is where most of the cafes and restaurants are.



One of our favourite beach is Cottesloe Beach. It is very easy to reach from the city, you can catch a bus or a train.
The ocean is calmer than the other beach we have been to, and this makes swimming in it more enjoyable.

Cottesloe Beach
A couple of times we went there, we popped at Il Lido, an Italian Canteen, near the beach. We had great coffee but above everything, we ordered their homemade gluten free cake – Orange Cake. A lot of cafes in Australia offer the orange and almond cake asa gluten free cake option. But usually (most of the time) they are commercially made and they all taste the same.
The cake we had there was divine, very moist, soft, not too sweet and you can taste this beautiful orange zest. I am not very fond of orange let alone the zest. But I loved and for days to come craved that cake.
So one saturday morning I decided to make one at home. It turned out to be delicious. It is usually served with Mascarpone, but we prefer it without. The next day it was even better so we ended up almost finishing it.

Anyhow, that is not all I have been doing in Perth. On the 3rd of February I started college, studying Cert III in Hospitality (Commercial Cookery). I am so happy and I am enjoying it very much. I am taking my first step towards my goal. But I will tell you about it in my next post.

Cheers from Down Under :)


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Orange and Almond Cake with Orange Blossom Syrup


By Dalia Bonfanti Published: February 22, 2014

  • Yield: 8 Servings
  • Prep: 30 mins
  • Cook: 60 mins
  • Ready In: 1 hr 30 mins

It has been a year and 2 months since my last post, and let me tell you, a lot of things have happened ever since. On 26th of March …



  1. Boil the 2 oranges for 15 minutes. Change the water and boil for other 15 minutes. This process makes the oranges taste less bitter.
  2. Note: get another orange and slice. Caramelize slices with sugar and place at the bottom of the pan before pouring the batter in.
  3. Grease with butter a 20cm round baking pan. Pre heat the oven to 160°C.
  4. Beat the eggs with the caster sugar. Add the almond flour, the cinnamon and the oranges.
  5. Pour everything in the pan and bake for an hour or until a skewer placed in the centre comes out clean.
  6. Once the cake is ready let it cool down completely. And start preparing the syrup.
  7. Remove the zest and then juice the orange. Place the juice, the water and caster sugar to simmer over low heat. Keep stirring until the sugar dissolves and the syrup starts to thicken. Turn off the heat and add the orange blossom water and the zest. Let it cool down.
  8. Remove the cake from the pan and place it on a plate. Poke the cake with a skewer (this will allow the syrup to penetrate in the cake). Pour the syrup over the cake. And enjoy it by itself (how I like it) or with mascarpone.

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