Here is to a fulfilling 2015!

les brown

This year has been an amazing one. I am satisfied with everything I have achieved but I am not done yet. It wasn’t easy but it was all worth it.

I have grown as a person and matured a lot. My personality and character has been shaped by what I have experienced and by the people who have been part of me.

My marriage is stronger and I have an mazing relationship with my husband. Whenever we had a misunderstanding or disagreement I just wouldn’t react. I would just close into myself and not communicate with hubby for hours and sometimes days. This year I learned to communicate!

I rejoice for my hubby’s accomplishment this year. And he is my inspiration and support. And I know that the new year to come will reward his efforts and sacrifices.

I have accomplished to learn and improve my skills in cooking. And I have done that in a country that is not mine, by juggling studies,work and home.

I have been loved and accepted by so many people I met in Australia for who I am.

A new year is a new beginning.
And I can’t wait to invest in me again.
To invest in my family and friends.

To invest in my skills and passion.
To invest in my creativity and dream.

To write another chapter of the script f my life.
To say no to negativity.

To inspire people who are around me.

Welcome to a new challenging, inspiring and happy new year!



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